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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Post #6 - Website

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Post #5

As discussed in class today, I feel that there really is a strong digital divide. The thing is, it is not just between the generational gap, but it is also between those that need to learn how to use technology and those that need to teach it. Within the No Child Left Behind Act for technology, there is a goal to have all eighth graders computer literate by graduation. There is also the purpose and goal to give professional development for the teachers to teach the students how to use the technology. The problem is very clear. There are too many schools that do not have the resources available, there are too many teachers who do not want to learn or do not know how to teach different technologies, and there are many who feel that they already know all that they need.
I see this a lot with students and with teachers. They feel that if they can e-mail and IM, they are good to go. Yet there was a time when the printer was not working properly in the library. A student decided to e-mail herself. Under the circumstances, I said it was fine to do so. A minute later her hand is raised asking how she can e-mail the article she needed for a project.

The reason why I feel it is important to discuss this further is because as a librarian, it has to be my duty to educate. But is that as far as it can go? When will the divide come at least closer together. In class Joy mentioned approaching businesses and discuss this issue with future workers. I understand that children learn when they are IMing and using social networks, etc. The truth is, students and adults need the basics as well. The sad reality is that this digital divide will not change or go away anytime soon. We can only try to help it close the gap. It is a slow process, but that is what this profession is about.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Post #4

For my group project, I have been researching the uses of Flickr. Thanks to Michael Stevens, I have found some interesting information from his blog http://tametheweb.com/library_20web_20/flickr_rocks_my_world/. (There is so much information, and a lot will be discussed in class). I find Flickr to be a great tool and source for libraries to go to. I do not want to go into too much detail, but I found it interesting that one e-mail that Michael received stated: "We are outraged by any public library open to children having an affiliation with Yahoo's Flickr adult oriented amateur porn website."

Going into this project, I thought it was just a site that people can share photos. I did not realize that people felt so strongly that this site is for uses other than sharing or some feeling it is for amateur porn. This goes back to what I was feeling from the beginning about free sites, before looking at any of these sites...someone will always have a problem with this. It is too bad that some libraries feel the same way and block people from using sites like Flickr.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blogpost #3 - Wiki's and school libraries...Do they mix?

After reading about how Wiki's support collaboration, the first thing that came to my mind is how I could use them in the school library. I understand the concept of how to use a wiki, and I even see the benefit of corporations and other businesses using them. I like the idea of public libraries using them, especially having the community involved.

But how can a school librarian, I should rephrase that, an elementary school librarian use a wiki? Maybe classrooms can use them to publish work and have others comment and peer revise? Would that help the teacher, or make more work for him/her? I would show the students the wiki encyclopedia, but I do not feel that they should be able to change anything that they read. I like the idea and I think I am beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed with all the ideas I have to use different tools now that I know I will have great technology available for use.

Wiki's are not a new thing...but should I introduce the concept to my school?

Friday, June 30, 2006

Better late than never...right?

When I think about the internet as what it is, I still feel a bit overwhelmed and confused. To think that it all started for research purposes, and now it is used for everything from keeping in touch with family and friends, reading the news, and even doing your weekly grocery shopping. I have become addicted to checking e-mails (I have three different accounts), shopping for clothes, shoes, and now looking at baby stuff, and self diagnosing any ailment by using the medical sites. The internet has come a long way and as an educator, I feel that there are so many positive things that can be done, including the IMing system. I do not IM myself, but this is another part of the internet that is being discussed.
I feel it is nice to be able to speak with people, ask questions, and discuss important topics without having to wait a long time to get feedback. This upcoming school year I will have new laptops for my works library. The question has come up with what will be available for use by the students. I never even thought about downloading AIM or another IMing program. I am interested to know what others think on this issue. Is this something 5th - 8th graders should be using with the live internet?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Blogpost #2 - My trading card

This is a picture of my husband and I in New York last year. You can find this trading card, and others of librarians on Flickr.

Blogpost #1 - MySpace conversation

Three of the articles that were to be read for this Internet Fundamentals class has the issue of MySpace up for discussion. I do not want to repeat what has already been said by myself or any other peer in the class...but my feelings are getting stronger every time I take a look at the site itself.
The statistics that surround the site are enormous...and many people continue to make comments about their negative feelings about it. I mean look at the news reports that are on TV every week. I myself have not started a MySpace account, but plan on doing so to understand the hard feelings. The truth is, as a school librarian, I feel it is my duty to educate the students, parents, teachers, and administrators about the correct use of this site.
There seem to be too many people that are almost "stuck in their way of thinking" when it comes to using the internet, especially when children are involved. I once got this great e-mail that discussed how things used to be as a kid. Being able to play outside and ride bikes in the street, not having to be home by 7 p.m. or something like that. My point...there were just as many awful things happening then when the internet was not in existence like it is now. We need to educate....and make a difference for the children of the future!

My name is Debbie G. I am a student at Dominican University...but plan on graduating in August. yay!!! This is my first blog for LIS 753. I already work for CPS in an elementary school's library and love the career choice I have made:) This is so exciting!!!